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The No.1 award winning Golden Sea Cucumber extract that have helped more than 10,000 Malaysians with their discomfort issues.

Using our patented formulation, we are able to combine the essence of Golden Sea Cucumber, Chicory Root & Melon Extract to formulate an effective solution - The Sea Gold Liquid to help people relieve the discomfort problems that have troubled them for a long time. 

All of our products are GMP and KKM certified.

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Here are some highlights of Seagold Liquid

How's it work

INDIVIDUAL BOX : A quick remedy to relieve short term discomfort such as acid reflux or bad digestion.

CLASSIC TREATMENT 3+1 : A treatment that can last up to 2 months for long term discomfort issues . Such as wound recovery, osteoarthritis and bowel digestion issues.  

Boost Treatment 6+2 A treatment that can last up to 4 months to help treat long term discomfort issues and help improve body condition. Such as regulating blood sugar and improve body vitality.

Help Improve Joint Function


Help Improve Joints Function

The Sea cucumber contains high anti-inflammatory and chondroitin sulphate properties. Making it efficient in improving joint function such as reducing the pain of joint in any movement. Due to its ability to reduce the inflammatory in joints and slow down the breakdown of cartilage. 




Help Neutralise Gastric Acid

Help Neutralise Gastric Acid 

Chicory root has been traditionally used to treat digestion and stomach  issues due to it contains inulin- a type of natural dietary fibre that is able to relief stomach gastric. With the combination of Melon extract and Sea Cucumber, it allows the rapid neutralisation of gastric acid.

Help with Wound Recovery

Help with Wound Recovery 

The rapid cell regeneration properties of sea cucumber make it efficient to help with the recovery of wound, even for diabetes patients. Seagold Liquid is totally sugar free as it takes the Oligofructose of Chicory Root to act as sugar substitute, making it suitable for diabetes patients to consume and help with their wound recovery process. 

Other Benefits

Help Regulate Blood Sugar Level 

Sea Cucumber are known to have Mucopolysaccharide and Taurine. Making it effective in lowering blood sugar level and blood pressure


Help Improve Body Vitality  

 Sea cucumber is full of Saponins and Arginne, both are nutrients that help improve body immune system and vitality. With the combination of Melon Extract and Chicory root it gives an additional boost for our body to start everyday with a better state of mind. 



Product Using Guide

This is the best way recommended by our scientific board to efficiently absorbs the nutrients provided by Seagold Liquid.

" After taking Seagold Liquid for 1 month i have felt my joint condition improve alot. Now i can climb stairs without feeling pain in my knees."

- Alex 53 years old -

  • Golden Sea Cucumber

    Dating as far back as the Ming Dynasty (1364-1644), the sea cucumber was found to have the same medicinal properties as the ginseng herb. 

    Its own cell-regeneration ability help its survive in the most complex living environments. In doing so, precious biologically active metabolites emerge, which cannot be found in other organisms.

  • Chicory Root

    Radix Cichorium - the scientific name of the Chicory root. It Is a blue-flowered herb that grows throughout North America and Europe and is a valuable source of inulin, a type of dietary fiber. It contains Oligofructose which acts as a sugar substitute.

  • Melon Extract

    Melon, also known as ash gourd is a low sugar vegetable but is also a medicinal food. Packed with plenty of phytonutrients, a melon extract is an important ingredient used in the Ayurvedic, the traditional Indian medicine (TIM) for treating many health problems.

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  • People who have bad digesting issues due to irregular lifestyle habits.

  • People who is dealing with osteoarthritis and dealing with discomfort in joints for a long time.

  • People that are dealing with slow wound recovery process . Example, diabetes patients.

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What Our Customers Say

Gastric Relief

i am always troubled with gastric acid. Until my friend recommend me to take Seagold Liquid whenever i have gastric, it help me relief my gastric issues and now i take it everyday to protect me from acid reflux.

Abdul Halim - 54 Years Old
Wound Recovery

I am a diabetic patient. I have undergone amputation on my second toe andsuffered from swollen feet with fresh wound.

After consuming Seagold
Liquid for 7 days, my wound healing has surprised the doctor.

Now my feet has recovered and i am so happy that i never
have to undergo amputation anymore.

Puan Sabariyah - 60 Years Old
Knee Pain

Due to severe knee pain, I am only able to walk 15 mins everyday and doctor advised me to do knee replacement.

After 7 days of consuming Seagold Liquid, my knee pain has reduced tremendously and now i am able to walk for the whole day.

Regulating Blood Pressure

I suffered from high blood pressure and bad cholesterol level and was under daily medication to control for many years.

After consuming Seagold Liquid for 2 weeks, my high blood pressure has been controlled and even the bad cholesterol level has dropped back to normal.

After consulting the doctor, he was advised that he no longer needed to take medication anymore.

Chong Swee Kiang - 71 Years Old
Knee Pain

After taking Seagold Liquid for 1 month i have felt my joint condition improve alot. Now i can climb stairs without feeling pain in my knees.

Alex - 53 Years Old