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Based on the philosophy of the golden triangle of health, our body must go through the process of detox, regulate and boost to restore the body's innate immunity.

That is why with this DRB set you will have the complete set of products to begin and help you improve the state of your mind and body in order to achieve the body's innate immunity.

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Here's the highlights of DRB Set

Detox With DO2

Detox With DO2

Before we can rejuvenate, we must refresh to cleanse our body of harmful toxins – substances that cause negative health effects inside and outside our body.

Learn more about DO2 here.

Regulate With Acai King

Regulate with Acai King

The next step is to regulate, to restore our body to a better physical state, focusing on reducing the free radicals and regulating the hormones of our body.

Learn more about Acai King here .

Boost With Seagold Liquid

Boost With Seagold Liquid

Finally it’s time to give our bodies a boost!  Seagold Liquid are enriched with essential ingredients that provide positive health benefits and treating the discomfort issues.

The Golden Sea Cucumber was found to have the same medicinal properties as the ginseng herb. It provides the beneficial nutrient boost that needed for our body.

Learn more about Seagold Liquid here.

Product Using Guide

This is the best way recommended by our scientific board to efficiently go through the cycle of DRB.

  • Someone who wants to improve their health, but not sure where to begin.

  • Someone who wants to take their health regiment onto
    another level.

  • Someone that is looking for a simple and tasty supplement.

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I always want to start living healthier. With DRB set i am able to do it simple.

- Wong 30 years old -

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What Our Customers Say

Improved my Asthma condition

I am an Asthmatic patient, suffered from chest tightness & seafood allergy, needed to use inhaler 4 times a day.

After consuming Seagold Liquid, Acai King and DO2 my overall health condition has improved tremendously.

Now i only need to use the inhaler when needed!

Puan Fatimah - 64 Years Old
I used to have high glucose levels

I was diagnosed with high glucose level that caused difficulties
in wound healing. After consumption of Seagold Liquid, my glucose level had dropped back to normal in just
3 days! Ever since then, my glucose level has been maintained in a healthy range condition. I also drink DO2 and Acai King to continue improve my health.

Candy Cheah
I want to live healthier for my kids

I was a heavy drinker and a big fan of chlorestrol food. I always want to start living healthier after i have kids . With DRB set i am able to do it simple.

Wong - 30 Years Old