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Double Concentrated Chlorophyll that helps you with quick and effective body detoxification everyday

DO2 Chlorophyll Plus Liquid are formulated with Alfafa and Mulberry leaves, which has the highest chlorophyll among all the plants. Using the Advance non-thermal technology, we can preserve the nutrients of these two ingredients and making it effective on relieving constipation and detoxification, especially liver detox. 

All of our products are GMP and KKM certified.

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Here are some highlights about DO2 Chlorophyll Plus Liquid

Help Relief Constipation

Help Relief Constipation 

Constipation is a regular issues nowadays due to the imbalance diet & eating habits. 

Alfafa & Mulberry Leaves are full of potassium -an essential electrolyte that help with the process of eliminating water retention found within the body, making it efficient in decreasing constipation and improve digestion issue

Help With Body Detoxification

Help with Body detoxification

The combination of Alfalfa and Mulberry leaves make DO2 more effective in helping the detoxification of our body and especially the liver. Alfafa and Mulberry both contain nutrients that are able restore the supportive vitamin and minerals for liver and body detoxification process. Especially Vitamin K, that plays an important role in cleansing liver and fatty issues from our body.


Help Refresh Body And Mind

Help Refresh Body and mind

DO2 Chlorophyll Plus Liquid is rich in iron due to its double concentrated Alfafa and Mulberry leaves extract. Making it efficient in helping refresh mind and body fatigue during our regular days or even after hangover. 

Product Using Guide

This is the best way recommended by our scientific board to efficiently absorb the nutrients of Chlrophyll Plus DO2.

" Chlorophyll has help me relief my constipation problems and i drink it every morning to refresh and detoxify my body. "

- Nicholas -

  • Alfafa

    Alfafa, is a plant that has been grown and used as food for livestock for hundreds of years.

    Alfalfa makes an appearance in almost all liver cleansing tonic recipes due to its medicinal properties.

  • Mulberry Leaf

    Mulberry leaves are being used in variety field. Such as, culinary, medicinal, and industrial applications.

    Traditionally, It is commonly being uses as part of the herbal teas and healthy beverage ingredients in Asia countries.

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  • People who has an imbalanced diet or eating habit leading to constipation.

  • People who are looking for an easy way to detoxify due to bad lifestyle habits.

  • People who are usually feeling fatigue everyday.

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What Our Customers Say

Help improve my energy

I always gets tired very easily, after consuming DO2 I feel more energetic and my skin condition has improved.

Jane - 25 Years Old
Protect Liver

I am a heavy drinker, that's why i drinks Annkang DO2 Chlorophyll twice a day to protect my liver and to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Nic - 30 Years Old
Relief Constipation

I am always struggling with constipation due to my bad eating habits. After i start drinking DO2 it really help improve my constipation and now i am taking it everyday.

Adrian - 23 Years Old