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The antioxidant juice that is tailored to help regulate body hormones and reduce free radicals in our body. 

Our common body soreness and tiredness are normally a sign of our body cells being damaged by free radicals, which can lead to oxidation in our body and turn into chronic diseases. 

With Acai King, the high antioxidants juice that are made of 11 high antioxidants berries, it can eliminate the free radicals damage inside our body and balance the hormones within our body. 

All of our products are GMP and KKM certified.

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Here are some hightlights about Acai King

Help Improve hormones cycle

Help with regulating hormones

It is normal to have hormones imbalance these days, as in different stages of life we encounter different situations that will affect our hormones & late menstrual cycles, anxiety and fatigue and all these will lead to free radicals forming inside our body.

 if we do not take the free radicals seriously, it could lead to serious mental & body disease. Such as diabetes, cancer and more.

That is why Acai King is formulated with high antioxidants to help relief the symptoms & regulate the hormones

To prevent free radicals from attack our hormones and impacting the state of our body & mind.

Using the Non-thermal extraction technology we are able to extract & preserve the high antioxidants  nutrients of our carefully selected ingredients for Acai King.

Such as Blueberries, Green tea & Raspberry,  Which prove to be contain high antioxidants for regulating body hormones and reduce free radicals.

Help improve brain development

Help With Brain health 

The brain uses plenty of oxygen due to its high metabolic activity. This allow the free radicals to attack the brain much easier compared to other areas of the body. When free radical attack  brain cells it could results in memory loss and lack of concentration.

With all the high antioxidants berries combined especially, Acai Berry, making Acai King efficient in reducing the free radicals from attacking our brain to prevent Alzheimer. As well as improving the brain development. Moreover, the antioxidants is able to help children improve their focus & energy.

Help reduce sore & tiredness

Help Improve body soreness & tiredness

Body soreness & tiredness is a symptoms of free radicals attacking our body.

The irregular eating and lifestyle habits are the main reason that cause the formation of free radicals inside our body.

The 11 high antioxidants ingredients of Acai King help reduce the free radicals in our body which also help improve the energy of our body and reduce the body soreness and tiredness.


Product Using Guide

This is the best way recommended by our scientific board to efficiently absorb the nutrients of Acai King antioxidant juice.

“ After i took Acai King for 1-2 months my body hormones has improved .Now my menstrual cycle has always be on time."

- Thanesha 27 years old -

  • Acai Berry, Blueberry and Hawthorn Berry all have similar benefits proven to help with brain function, improve mental health and hormones. Not to mention each of these berries are loaded with antioxidants.

  • Mangosteen, Grape Seed and Cranberry are filled with nutrients and each has different benefits. Such as Mangosteen is helpful for menstrual, Grape Seed is good for supporting brain function and Cranberry is known for supporting heart health.

  • Pomegrenate, Tomato and Green tea are all antioxidants fruits that contain anti inflammation properties as well.

    It help with the process of reducing inflammation in our body.

  • Maqui Berry and Roselle are ingredients that are efficient in slowing down aging due to its high antioxidants content.

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  • People that are troubled by hormones imbalance.

  • People that are constatnly feeling tired and lack of concentration.

  • Children to help with their brain development.

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What Our Customers Say

Help improve my hormones

I have irregular period & my menstrual cyclce always come late. After i took Acai King for 1-2 months my body hormones has improved .Now my menstrual cycle has always be on time."

Thanesha, 27 Years Old
My energy and cocerntration in class has improved.

I always feel tired and body sorenes when i try to do revision and focus in class. After i start drinking Acai King for several months, I felt more energetic and has better concentration in class.

Adam , 17 Years Old
My Kids enerygy booster

My Kids love Acai King ! They been consuming 2 caps of Acai King daily for a month, and it had strengthen their immune system. Now, they are more energetic in their daily activities.

Esther, 39 years old