Help with regulating hormones

Help with regulating hormones

It is normal to have hormones imbalance these days, as in different stages of life we encounter different situations that will affect our hormones & late menstrual cycles, anxiety and fatigue and all these will lead to free radicals forming inside our body.

 if we do not take the free radicals seriously, it could lead to serious mental & body disease. Such as diabetes, cancer and more.

That is why Acai King is formulated with high antioxidants to help relief the symptoms & regulate the hormones

To prevent free radicals from attack our hormones and impacting the state of our body & mind.

Using the Non-thermal extraction technology we are able to extract & preserve the high antioxidants  nutrients of our carefully selected ingredients for Acai King.

Such as Blueberries, Green tea & Raspberry,  Which prove to be contain high antioxidants for regulating body hormones and reduce free radicals.