Seagold Liquid is known as ANNKANG BOOSTER, that has the two most nutritious superfood: Golden Sea Cucumber and Chicory Root. These two combinations make the best formulation using advanced technology.  It is best to consume as a health tonic in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Why should I choose SEAGOLD LIQUID?

  • The Only Multiple International Award-Winning Formulation for Rapid Cell Regeneration.
  • Uses the most premium quality of Ingredients – 100% golden sea cucumber and Chicory Roots.
  • Extract using advanced technology
  • Smaller molecular size which increases the absorption and assimilation rate in the body.
  • Complies to good manufacturing practices (GMP) standard.
  • Assured quality – Tested and accredited from Malaysian food laboratory
  • No fishy smell
  • Affordable, easy and convenient – packed in sachets, easy to carry and consume.

Can I consume medicine together with Seagold Liquid?

Seagold Liquid is 100% natural extract without chemicals added and thus should not cause any adverse reactions. However, if you are on medication, we suggest you take it 30 minutes to 1 hour after taking Seagold Liquid.


Will it cause adverse effects?

Sea Cucumber is a natural supplement and should not cause any side effects. However, those who are allergic to seafood or have any health problems should consult with your health care provider before consumption.


Are pregnant women allowed to consume Seagold Liquid?

It is safe for pregnant women to take this product as sea cucumber is rich in iron and folic acid which is essential for pregnant women to prevent anaemia, spinal bifida, low birth weight and preterm birth. However, pregnant woman is encouraged to take after delivery to avoid unnecessary problem.  

Can patients who have recovered from cancer take this product?

Seagold Liquid contains a number of active ingredients which help in boosting immune system, besides, it is also advisable for those who undergo chemotherapy to consume Seagold Liquid as it helps to reduce the side effects of the treatment. It is advisable to consume after recovery as a prevention. 

Can someone with seafood allergy take this product?

People with weak immune system will overreact to certain types of allergens when it is newly introduced to our body system. It is recommended to start with a small quantity of seagold liquid. This allows the body to adapt some time to adjust and regulate its response. Over time, the allergy reactions should disappear.

Who needs this product?

Seagold Liquid is a energy booster and helps in enhancing body health. Therefore, it is suitable for all aged group, sub-health status group, post-surgery and after childbirth. 

Who is not suitable to take this product?

Overall, Seagold Liquid is a natural food supplement and is generally safe to be consumed by anyone. However, body response varies from one person to another. Hence, those who are suffering from any health problems or diseases, pregnant and lactating women should get further advice from their health care providers before consuming it. 

What is the best storage method for Seagold Liquid?

You can store it in a cool and dry place, away from moisture and sunlight.

Why are food preservatives added in Seagold Liquid?

As Seagold Liquid is water-based and made in gel form, it is necessary to add preservative to prevent the growth of microorganism such as bacteria, yeast or mould. Therefore, permitted food grade preservatives is added to prevent the product from deterioration and spoilage. However, rest is assured that the preservatives we used are found in most packaged foods and only permitted levels are used in accordance with strict food safety guidelines that has been approved by the health ministry. Hence, it will not cause any health hazards and safe to consume. 

Does Seagold Liquid contain any sugar? Can a person with diabetes consume it?

We are proud to claim that our Seagold Liquid is sugar-free and the sweetness comes from Chicory Root. Chicory root contains fibers like inulin and oligofructose which are not digested by human enzymes, making them unavailable for glucose release into the bloodstream, ensuring that their consumption does not raise blood glucose levels.

What about approval from Ministry of Health Malaysia?

Seagold Liquid has been approved as supplements (MAL07050073TC) under the National Phamaceuticals Regulartory Agency (NPRA). Therefore, we confidently claimed that our product is safe to consume orally. 

Is Seagold Liquid Halal certified?

Yes, Seagold Liquid has been reviewed by JAKIM and certified as Halal.