Marine Collagen with Tremella

The word “collagen” comes from the Greek word “kolla”, meaning glue; it’s a structural protein that sustains the suppleness of our skin and the strength of our joints, bones, muscles – even our eyes. A gift from Mother Nature, carefully curated with whitening formula from Japan, Koragen fuels your body from within so true beauty could shine through.

Our Koragen is concocted with 6 nature’s best active ingredients, including Tremella (also known as snow fungus), Vitamin C, Apple Stem Cells, Sakura Extracts, Marine collagen and Haematococcus pluviali – a microalgae which is a special source of super anti-oxidant compounds. Our formulation is fast-dissolving and has the best bioavailability and smaller particle size for easier and more effective absorption into the body. Experience skin rejuvenation and say hello to a more radiant you.

PROVEN INGREDIENTs for your skin