Retail Profit

As an Annkang Associate, you can purchase products at a Member Price with a minimum purchase 70PV, You may choose to keep your favourite products for yourself or realise instant Retail Profit when you sell them to your customers at the Retail Price.


Sales Bonus is for member who refers a new member to join as an Annkang Associate and purchase products. Qualification for each member Rank as per the table below with the Sales Bonus percentage. If a person who has a downline with the same or above Rank/Position of him, he will earn his Ranking Sales Bonus only. The balance from the 25% will be override by the immediate higher Rank upline.


Enjoy Team Bonus of 10% up to 25% in your organization that match each group sales from the Left and Right. Team Bonus is for Annkang Consultant (AC) and above with at least 2 downlines and above.


Leadership Bonus is a bonus for any upline who has personally sponsored their downlines. It is the cumulative team bonus from downlines up to 3 levels below.


Personal Sales Maintenance Requirement 53pv. The 53pv (Personal Sales Maintenance) being calculated at the below table in accordance to your rank and qualification. Any Personal Sales Maintenance purchases more than 53pv will goes into Team Bonus calculation. All these PVs pairing in Team Bonus is based on the 2nd tier percentage. For example if you are a AC 10%, SC 12% and CC 15%


At the Presidential rank, you will qualify for the Global Pool divided by all qualifiers. The Global Pool is divided into 3 sections: