Annkang, our very name means “harmony and health”, which brings great happiness – the proof of being alive. Core to our beliefs is the IKIGAI philosophy: the Japanese secret to a long and more fulfilling life, with origins in Okinawa, home to the largest population of centenarians in the world.

“Creating Happiness” means more than just a slogan of Annkang. It is our mantra and culture that we live and breathe in Annkang. We believe happiness is a journey, not a destination and we want to share it with more people around the world. Annkang provides a platform for people to realize their full potential on a personal level, and together as a collective whole, bring it into a bigger picture to solve what the world needs.

This is the journey of our founder, Dato’ Louis Chong, who believed that nature holds the key to wellness. Back in 2008, his search for the most nutrient-rich natural ingredient in the world led him to the world of marine research along the East Coast of Malaysia. That’s when he stumbled upon the incredible potential behind the golden sea cucumber extract. Inspired by its health benefits as a functional food supplement, he realised that the best way to bring honest-to-goodness formulations to everyone, was to connect expert manufacturers with consumers directly. And so, our progressive marketing model was born, for aspiring entrepreneurs to share the goodness of holistic health.


sharing the harmony of SHARED PROSPERITY & fullfillment

making health solutions
to everyone

to create a healthy,
life for everyone


Annkang’s philosophy of wellbeing is based on the Golden Triangle of Health; detox, regulate, boost. Through our product combination of functional foods and nutricosmetics, we have our heart set on holistic health, inside and out.

First, detoxification. Before we can rejuvenate, we must refresh, cleansing our bodies of harmful toxins – substances that cause negative health effects inside and outside our bodies.

The next step is to regulate, to restore our bodies to a better physical state, reviving our eight major systems: circulatory, immune, skeletal, excretory, muscular, endocrine, digestive, nervous and respiratory. Each relies on the other to keep the human body healthy and happy, and in harmony.

When we’ve cleansed and controlled our systems, it’s time to give our bodies a boost! Annkang’s products are enriched with essential ingredients that provide positive health benefits, optimising our intake of vitamins, minerals and nutrients.


Annkang’s product portfolio delivers the roots of wellness based on four pillars. Through a combination of functional foods and nutricosmetics (the science beneath our skin), we want to give our customers a boost of beauty and feeling of wellness inside and out. Where quality and value meet, we find the harmony of sharing health and happiness with the world by making our functional foods available and accessible.