Double O2 Formulation

Chlorophyll is life’s elixir contained in the green pigment of plants. Nobel Prize recipients, Dr. Richard Willstatter (1915 Medicine) and Dr. Hans Fisher (1930 Chemistry) discovered that the only difference between Red Blood Cells and the Chlorophyll molecule lies in the nucleus – iron versus magnesium respectively. Abundant in natural micronutrients, Chlorophyll is known to be a powerful cleansing agent that promotes cell regeneration, balances the acid-alkali levels and strengthens immunity

We found the richest source of health-boosting chlorophyll in alfalfa from Europe and Mulberry leaves from Asia, up to four times higher concentration of chlorophyll as compared to ordinary vegetables. Using world-class non-thermal extraction technique, we were able to preserve double the natural nutrients to increase red blood cell count and boost oxygen delivery into the blood. That’s double the efficacy to detoxify the essential organs: digestive system, the bowels, liver and kidneys.








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